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Sara's Experience with RECOVER BASE

Recover Base- The most legit recovery there is!


I have tried many different types of recovery products throughout my athletic career as a collegiate volleyball player and now as a CrossFit competitor, however it was hard for me to notice any significant benefits from them. Many recovery products are filled with chemicals and additives that are unknown and not natural. I am very particular about what goes into my body; so when I heard about the natural ingredients and no added chemicals or dyes, I was intrigued by this product. 

The day after a tough and long training session my body gets sore, stiff and feels wore out. The very first time I took Recover Base was after a VERY hard training session.This training session included a 40 min. AMRAP with rope climbs, barbell cycling and assault bike calories. Past experiences left me expecting to feel very sore and wore out, but this time I had minimal soreness, no stiffness and I didn’t feel wore out at all. I felt like I could have repeated that tough training session all over again. I was so shocked how well it worked for me! There have been many times after taking a recovery product for a few weeks and I couldn’t tell if it was really working. Recovery Base is like night and day above other supplements I have tried; I can actually feel and see the benefits it’s giving me.

The flavoring is right on point, not over powering at all. I do recommend using a shaker bottle when mixing. I tried it in a cup and stirred with a spoon, but it had a little bit of a gritty texture. In the shaker bottle it’s perfect!

I don't take any other supplements or products; Recovery Base gives me everything I need.