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Sara's Experience with RECOVER BASE

Recover Base- The most legit recovery there is!   I have tried many different types of recovery products throughout my athletic career as a collegiate volleyball player and now as a CrossFit competitor, however it was hard for me to notice any significant benefits from them. Many recovery products are filled with chemicals and additives that are unknown and not natural. I am very particular about what goes into my body; so when I heard about the natural ingredients and no added chemicals or dyes, I was intrigued by this product.  The day after a tough and long training session my body gets sore, stiff and feels wore out. The very first time I took Recover Base was after a...

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2017 Oregon Archery Antelope

MOUNTAIN ALPHA teamed up with 541PURSUIT to chase Desert Dragsters on a Draw Tag in Oregon. This epic hunt is what transpired from hard work, planning, and hunters coming together in hopes of sharing success! 

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